- Our Bitcoin Team
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About Us

A little information about our team

Who We Are

At Coincut, we believe strongly in the future of bitcoin. It is our belief that through transparency and trust, we can do our part to help bring a greater understanding and enthusiasm to our audience.

My name's Dax - my background is in security, ecommerce and web development. Anton is our primary developer and site architect and Natalie is our financial controller - we all have years of expertise in our separate fields, and together, we make a rounded and complimentary team.

We are all available on Twitter as @miaoux and @coincut. Personally, I’m always on Bitcoin forums, IRC channels, and I’ve been on many YouTube videos commenting on live trades and Bitcoin action as well as being a visible member of the Bitcoin trading community in the UK

We have dealt with thousands of satisfied customers, and are constantly growing our platform to make it easier and more convenient for you to trade, and accept bitcoin.