How to Sell Bitcoins Online?

Sell your bitcoin and get Pounds Sterling transferred to your bank account.
On this page, you will learn how to sell Bitcoin on CoinCut

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    sign up for coincut

    The first step is to sign up for a Coincut account. Signup takes less than a minute, and is absolutely free.
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    Place a sell order

    To place a sell order, simply specify the amount of Bitcoin you'd like to send us, select a payment method, and we show you which bitcoin address you send the Bitcoin to - in text, and by QR code for mobile wallets if that is easier. Once the bitcoin confirms at least once on the blockchain, we will make a bank transfer to your given account details - please note that while transfer takes under 30 minutes and it's usually fast, some banks can take up to 1 working day to clear funds into your account.
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    Receive money in your account

    Once we've confirmed the bitcoins, we will release funds into your bank account (or Paypal).

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